PiCAD - Piping Isomteric CAD

Low-cost CAD software (2D/3D-DWG-CAD + ISO for € 1.685,- plus 19% VAT) to quickly draw piping istometrics/plant construction isometrys (2D) – optionally with welding seam documentation.

Piping iometric in plant construction

PiCAD (Piping Isometric CAD) – a small CAD add-on for BricsCAD/GStarCAD which can help to draw pipe isometrics in the „mouse turn“ – well „readable“ pipe isometrics avoid errors in plant construction and are nowadays indispensable!

The piping isometric drawing serves as a „Mediator“ between Planner and engineer. A properly created and thus clear piping plan avoids error on the site! Quick creation and editing is possible – not only in the pipeline technology with relatively „small“ CAD isometry programs!

Piping isometric CAD (formerly CA3D-ISO) is a 1998 created LISP-application for plant construction. With the help of the user, this software will be permanently developed further. PiCAD creates a clean pipe Isometrics in the shortest time, which can be directly given after completion the plant manufacturer/fitter in the hand.

Weld documentation

On request, the optional weld documentation can generate a spreadsheet that many call „Pipe book“ or „Bill of materials“.

The price of this software bundles for the 2D-3D-CAD-DWG-Software is just € 1.685,-(plus 19% ges.) VAT) – and who need actually no 3D functionality, can save it up to 200 euros!

 PiCAD & BricsCAD V18 PRO       € 1.685,- (inkl. MwSt: € 2.005,15) 
 PiCAD & GStarCAD 2017 Standard € 1.485,- (inkl. MwSt: € 1.767,15) 
 PiCAD für BricsCAD/GStarCAD    € 1.180,- (inkl. MwSt: € 1.404.20) 
 PiCAD für A***CAD              € 1.600,- (inkl. MwSt: € 1.904,00)
Included modules:
• Plant construction symbols
• Partial automatic dimensioning
• Surface / elevation
• Labeling (isometric)
• easy welding documentation



by PixelMission (BricsCAD-Händler)